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Dimitar Georgiev

I was still a kid when my oldest brother brought home a huge and heavy book – “The Font through the Centuries” by Vasil Yonchev. This very same book was the reason I became interested first in typography and then in graphic design. Back then, I didn’t even think it will become my profession. And probably the first time I felt like an actual designer was when a friend of mine asked me to make a poster for our band’s concert.

And this is me today – a multidisciplinary Bulgarian designer based in Germany with great passion for music, industrial design and craft beer. I have been working in different fields of design since 2002, and yet I feel like I am learning new stuff every day. There is always something new to explore, something to challenge you in a new way. I guess that’s why I love designing.

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Brand design
Web & Icons
Art Direction

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